Frances ReMillard

Frances graduated with a BSc in Chemistry from Portland State University, before moving to Utah, where she attained a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drawing & Painting from the University of Utah. 

She lives in Summit County, Utah, where wetlands, hills, mountains, desert and abundant animal life are an important part of her daily life. 

The painting process is, for Frances, a time to connect with our visual world: a way of celebrating these special places – recording, from her perspective, the look, feel and unique qualities of that particular place at that particular time in the history of our world, in hopes of inspiring others to see that same beauty in these familiar places so close to home.

Selected Exibitions:

  • Utah Museum of Fine Arts-Award & Traveling Exhibition
  • Sweet Library, SLC
  • Summit Arts showcase, 2018, 2019
  • Park City Library
  • Red Butte Gardens Art Gallery
  • Create Gallery, Park City, Utah
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