Carole Duh

Whether it’s yarn, paper, fabric, paint or sticks, Carole Duh (pronounced DEW) delights in playing with all types of material. 

She calls herself a fiber artist as she utilizes fabric, fiber plus odds and ends to create delightful nests, pumpkins, baby hats and more.

A 30+ year resident of the Park City area, Carole has spent much of that time learning, doing and sharing her craft, talent and skills under her Do-Dads for You moniker. 

Carole may be best known for her knit pumpkins, which are featured each fall here at Artique. Her pumpkin collectors are known to anticipate the annual September unveiling and Carole never disappoints!

Before retirement, Carole was a manager, buyer, retail merchandiser, events planner and creative. She has been a member of the Artique collective since 2013.

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